Every High Camp teardrop trailer comes fully equipped with high quality components and is ready to camp in immediately. When comparing High Camp's price to other builders, consider that this price includes many items that most others add as expensive accessories, or "options", including:

  • 10" Electric drum brakes standard.
  • Remote controlled 13-speed roof vent standard.
  • (Now standard in 2018!) Clear Anodized aluminum skin standard.
  • (Now standard in 2018!) Solar-ready with universal solar panel plug pre-installed.  Choose any common solar panel package (Zamp Solar, Go Solar, etc) and plug-n-play.
  • Stainless Coleman cooler standard.
  • Stainless 3-burner cooktop standard.
  • Queen quilt-top mattress standard.
  • Large capacity (100 amp hour) deep cycle battery standard.
  • Satin aluminum window roller shades for privacy standard. 

We know that when you go through the long process of selecting all the "options" on their trailers, a High Camp's price will be as competitive as any - we just don't make you do all the extra work.  

"I've never bought a teardrop trailer and I'm concerned that I won't be totally happy..."

We understand that. This isn't like buying a camper off the lot. You wouldn't be talking to us if that's what you wanted anyway.  You have your expectations and standards and we have ours, and that can lead to some nerves on both sides. We start every build assuming that your standards are even higher than ours.  It means that we have to pay attention to every detail along the way and never just say "that's good enough..." because that may not be good enough for you.  We know that most customers won't see their teardrop trailers until delivery and then it is too late to do things better. If we expect to see big smiles on delivery day and get referral customers when our teardrop trailers go out on the road, then we need to focus on every wood joint, every aluminum trim,and every electrical connection.  That's not marketing talk, that's how we build - every day.

So how do we stay focused on your trailer?  We build them one at a time, not in a batch of six or eight different models with different options.  From start to finish we are only working on and only thinking about your teardrop trailer.  Each task in the build is relatively quick, so we can spend some extra time on any step if needed to make it perfect.  Does working like this slow us down? We don't think so - we're enthused every day because we don't have to slog through the same repetitive task over and over.  Batch building? No thanks. 

We also understand that when someone appreciates what we do and is willing to trust us enough to build them their teardrop trailer, we have a responsibility to give them our best work. And they have the right to determine if we have succeeded.  So if you are not 100% satisfied with your trailer on pickup day, we will refund all of your deposits without question. You get to relax. We get to do the worrying.  And that's how we like it.  

How To Buy A High Camp Teardrop Trailer

Step One:  Come visit us at the shop if you can and take a tour of our Demo trailer.  Not local and can't visit the shop?  No problem- we've worked through this process with plenty of customers across the country through phone calls and emails. Ask any questions. Voice any concerns. There is usually a teardrop trailer in some stage of completion in the shop and now is a great time to see all our truly unique construction methods before the trailer gets its aluminum shell.  We'll discuss how you envision using the teardrop trailer for camping and go over any options/accessories that might interest you.  We have no interest in upselling you anything- our profit is built into the base price of the trailer, not in big mark-ups on accessories and "options". We'll offer our opinion if an option seems like it might improve your camping experience, and will be straight with you if an option doesn't make much sense based on what we have learned about you.  Ask more questions. Take a nap in the Demo - seriously, we've always got work to do.  In the end, you decide on what the perfect teardrop trailer is for you and we'll build it wholeheartedly.    

Step Two: Commit! Place an initial $2,500 deposit by check or credit card to reserve your slot in the upcoming build schedule.  You don't have to decide on any options yet. There's time for you to figure out exactly what you want and what you don't. When we receive your deposit, we'll put you on the build schedule and send you a deposit receipt for you records.  Prefer a particular pickup date?  We'll try our best to put you in the schedule for when it is convenient for you.  

Step Three: 6-8 weeks before your teardrop trailer is slated to begin construction, you will receive an email or a call from us to finalize your wish list for any options/accessories.  We'll ask for a second $5,000 deposit. This allows us to start bringing in the large items (frame, axle, plywood, appliances, doors, etc) and minimizes delays for both of us in the event any of these things are back ordered.  

Step Four: We build your own teardrop trailer.  We'll send you progress pictures along the way. This is cool. We're building the trailer for you, and so you should see us build it. When your trailer is completed, you'll get detailed final pictures from us and we'll arrange a date for inspection and pickup (or delivery if you are not local).  

Step Five: Come get your new trailer.  Look over the entire trailer and test everything out.  If you believe that we were successful in meeting (and hopefully surpassing) your expectations, you can pay the final balance and we'll hand you the keys (and a Manufacturers Certificate Origin for the DMV).  We'll give you a thorough review of everything on the trailer, get you hitched up properly and see you safely off.  

What happens if I need to cancel my order?

While this has been a very rare occurrence in our history, we gave this a lot of thought to come up with a process to handle this potentiality that is fair to both of us and does not penalize you for an unforeseen financial event, or even a genuine change of heart.  So what happens - should you need to back out of your order, you will be still responsible to provide the 2nd Materials deposit ($5,000) at the normal 6-8 weeks prior to the beginning of your scheduled build.  We will build your trailer (minus any options specific to your order) and once the trailer is completed, we will make it available for sale to any interested parties at the time. We routinely get calls and emails from people who are ready to buy a High Camp, but want one on short order, so we feel confident your trailer can be sold in a timely fashion once it is completed.  Once the trailer is sold to a new buyer, we will refund both your initial $2,500 deposit and your 2nd $5,000 deposit.  This way, you aren't out any "non-refundable" deposits, we don't risk not being able to fill your build slot, and some other happy camper gets a High Camp teardrop. We think it's a good old Win-Win-Win.